What are the timings of the shopping area?
11:00 am to 11:00 pm. The shops are open till 09:00 pm while the restaurants take last orders before 11:00 pm.
Is there any ticket for boating?
Yes, this is not part of the regular amusement park ticket. It needs to be purchased separately and is open to both park and mall visitors.
Do you have a proper parking area?
We have a huge walled ground level parking (3 acres) with a capacity of 1500 cars and 1000 two wheelers which is guarded round the clock.
Who owns this place?
Adventure island limited which is joint venture between IAL (International Amusement Ltd).
Do you have a water park?
We may have one very soon, however we have a variety of water rides and sports which would satiate your need for getting wet and playing around in water.
Do we need to carry a change of clothes with us?
In case you wish to indulge in water rides you may carry a change with you and the washrooms could be used for the same. Costumes are not provided in the park.
Are there any lockers?
We have locker facility, we take 400/- Rs after use locker facility we refund 200/- Rs.
Why is there a height criterion for entry to the rides?
The height criteria are based on the European safety standards that are followed worldwide in leading parks. The height is directly linked to the locking system of the ride and anyone who does not fit well in a lock could be risky and hence not allowed.
I’ve heard that lot of rides are sometimes out of order?
Well that is a myth as rides are only put temporarily on hold if they do not clear the daily safety check. Only after thorough maintenance are they put back in action.
Is there a ticket for kids?
Kids below 90 cm are not charged and tickets remain same for adults and child.
How many rides are there in the park? And for what age groups?
There are 23 rides, however entry to these depends on the height and not the age of the rider. You may refer to our Rides & Attractions and our Rules & Regulation section for complete information.
In case it rains do the rides stop?
Yes, most of the rides but only temporarily. Safety being our first priority it is a standard practice to put most of the rides on hold. As soon as the rain stops these are resumed immediately after cleaning.
Are there any family packages?
No. However our multi entry pass is just perfect for families who visit us often.
What are the discount schemes?
Any discount is applicable only on more than 25 persons for which you need to contact our sales associates.
What are the timings of Adventure Island?
The timings of the park are 11:00 AM to 07:00 PM. However as the weather changes we would change the timings as well.
When can we start buying tickets?
The ticket counter opens one hour before the opening time of the park and closes one hour before the park closing time.
What are the timings of Metro Walk?
The retail area i.e. Metro Walk opens at 11:00 am. The restaurants take last orders till 10:45 pm while the shops close by 9:00 pm
Ticket Charges for Adventure Island?
There are 2 types of tickets .The unlimited ticket is priced at Rs 449 weekdays and Rs 499 weekends/gazetted and allows you to enjoy all the ride and attractions inside the park unlimited times (except paid attractions).
Can we book tickets online?
Yes, You can.
Do you have a water park?
We would have a world class water park very soon. However until then you may enjoy our water rides and our amazing water play area which allows you to get adequately drenched to beat the heat.
Do you have a locker facility?
Yes, we provide lockers on rent. Therefore guests are advised not to carry any bags or belongings to the park as they are not allowed on the rides.
Are we allowed to re enter the park on the same day with the same band/ Is the band valid all day?
The band that is provided along with the ticket is valid throughout the day as long as the guest stays inside the park. Re entry to the park is not allowed on the same band as for safety reasons the band needs to be cut when the guest is exiting from the park and thus cannot be re issued.
What is the status of the rides / How many ride are operational?
Day's exact status can be enquired from our helpline number 011-47041111. Even though it is our prime endeavour to ensure all rides can be enjoyed on each given day sometimes for safety reasons we may have to shut down certain rides as we have always tried to establish guest safety as the topmost priority in the park.
Is the park open on Government Holidays etc
Yes, the park is open on all Government holidays. However the management may decide to shut down the park sometimes for other reasons or on certain major festivals. Therefore guests are requested to enquire the exact status from our helpline number 011-47041111 when planning to visit.
Do you allow group discounts?
Discounts are only applicable for more than 30 pax. To know more you may call us on 011-47041111 and speak to our sales representative.
Do you allow pre wedding shoots and music video shoots?
Yes we do allow the same. However prior permission needs to be taken and charges depend on the hours of shoot. To know more you may call 011-47041111 and speak to our sales representative.
Do you have a space for promotional activities or canopies for promotions?
Yes we have a variety of venues in the retail area as well as the park for promotions. The client may come and choose the same after getting in touch with our marketing representative.
Do you have any vacant store available on rent?
Yes we have a few vacant stores. You may get in touch with our leasing and rental team on site for the same or call 011-47041111 to speak to them.
Where can I file a complaint about the facilities?
We are always willing and keen to now what our guests think of us and their feedbacks are valuable. You may call our helpline number 011-47041111 or drop your written feedback at the information desk in front of the Metro Walk entry as well. Also if you voice your concerns to any of our team members within the park and retail area they would also try their best to help you out or escalate the concern as required.
I would like to book your lawn for a function or corporate event?
Yes we do take bookings for our lawns. However to choose the most ideal location you may visit us or speak to our sales rep on 011-47041111
Do you have a facility for school picnics?
Yes, each year we play host to 100 s of schools for annual picnics and in the last 7 years have emerged as the most preferred destination for school picnics. You may know more about our offerings and packages by checking our website Group Booking section or calling to speak to our sales rep.
Do you have facilities for corporate day outs and events etc?
Yes, we have a huge variety of offerings for our corporate clients with an ability to customise offerings and packages to suit each client's needs. You may refer to our website Events section or call us on 011-47041111 to speak to our corporate sales rep.
I'd like to speak or meet someone regarding sponsorships and events.
We do take up sponsorships and participate in events which would help us gain mileage through win win strategies. You may refer to our website Events or call our helpine number 011-47041111 to speak to our marketing rep.
I have a buy one get one coupon. Can I still avail it?
All the terms and conditions are mentioned behind the coupon along with the validity. However management does not take responsibility for any coupons purchased from any third party unless authorised by us.
Do you have a flee market in the mall right now?
The flee market is not a regular feature and is only as part of certain events and festivals. However you may enquire the exact status from our helpline number at 011-47041111
Lost and Found Policy/ I have/ had lost my mobile phone, purse etc, have you been able to trace it?
Ma'am the exact status of today's /yesterday's lost and found would be with security. I'll transfer your call to the security control room and the guard would assist you with details.

Any belongings found / deposited by other guest's employees in the mall and park are handed over to our security team. It is our endeavour to ensure utmost integrity and our staff is trained and motivated to help guest's in finding their belongings. Any belongings that are un claimed are deposited at our Ambulance in the park and frisking counter in the retail area.

Job queries / Is there any opening in your company?
You may refer to our website Career section for the same and upload your resume on our website itself. Our HR team would then screen your resume and call you if your profile is found suitable.
Is there any discount for children?
We do not have any discount for students on this time.
Any discount for Govt. Employees / Media / Army / Police officials?
All our patrons are equal for us. However you may speak to our security rep at 011-47041111 to confirm the same.
Do you have room facilities?
Adventure Island can be thoroughly enjoyed in a day's time therefore we do not have any room facilities. However Hotel Crowne Plaza is right across the road and you may enjoy stay there if required. You may need to contact the hotel directly for the same.
Way to Adventure Island?
Please refer to our Google maps link for directions. However our nearest landmark is Rithala Metro Station on the blue line which is barely 400 mts from our entry.
Can we carry food from outside?
Guests are allowed to carry only baby food like milk bottles etc. As per government rules outside eatables are not allowed. You may enjoy a variety of food and beverage options inside the park to satisfy your taste buds.
Can we carry cameras with us?
Yes, however professional cameras are not allowed.
Discount for couples?
Tickets are on stag entry. There are no special rates for couples.
Do you have a parking facility?
Yes, we have a huge ground level, multi lane parking with a capacity of more than 2000 cars and 1500 two wheelers. Nominal parking charges are levied.
Do you provide wheelchairs for senior citizens / guests with special needs?
Yes we provide wheel chairs at the retail area entry. Our security team would assist you with the same. However we would require a valid Id proof which would be kept as security while issuing wheelchairs to anyone.
Can we pay by card inside the park and mall?
We accept all major debit and credit cards for payment of entry tickets and most shops inside the mall allow card payments. Indeed we do have an SBI ATM from where you may withdraw cash. Inside the park card payment is not allowed, only cash is accepted for Food and beverage and add on tickets and merchandise.
Any discount for senior citizens?
We do not have any special tickets priced for senior citizens.