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  • School

    "The so called 'educationists' in the early days believed that only through hard work and dedication could a child become successful in his or her life and they that the earlier they started, the better it was. Thankfully, people finally came to their senses and realized that "All work and no play made Jack a dull boy."

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    While schools can focus on the academics and co-curricular activities that aim to groom the young citizens of the nation into success stories, Adventure Island will add a touch of zest that will spice up their daily routine. Our ensembles of thrilling rides are sure to add excitement to even the dreariest of days. As one of the finest entertainment destinations in the country, students who visit Adventure Island are sure to return home refreshed and rejuvenated after a day filled with fun, frolic and of course, adventure!

    Adventure Island adheres to the globally accepted European Union Safety Standards. These international standards are being followed by amusements parks worldwide.

    Our park is adhering to the highest globally accepted European Union Safety Standards, which are being followed by the parks worldwide.


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    Unlimited International Rides
    Water Rides (Splash Down, Splash Dunk and Aqua Play)
    Rain Dance
    Teachers Lounge
    Teachers Lucky Draw
    MAD Circus
    Live D.J.



    Annual Function
    Freshers Party
    Founders Day
    Teachers day
    Minimum group of 30 pax. Required
    Outside Food is not allowed

    School booking

    Ashish Kapoor / Abhisek / Babita
    8800672666 / 8700668478 / 9717825958 / /
    Call between: 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM.
  • Corporate
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    Sustenance and constant growth is something that every organization looks forward to.

    However, Today the stiff competition and target oriented market leads to hectic work schedules for the employees in order to achieve their targets on time. We believe,

    "The key to success and growth of any organization lies in its employees"

    Therefore, it's time to motivate the employees in a thrilling way,

    ADVENTURE ISLAND is an ultimate destination where we organize outings and events that create the right environment to encourage them.

    Apart from giving you an international rides' experience, we also arrange:-



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    Tired of making endless reports and meeting deadlines? Want to do something different from "ROUTINE"? Adventure Island, finds the right thrill & activities that becomes the paramount to the success of your company. Synergize & channelize the energy in your team for common goals benefiting your organization.

    For over 5 years Adventure Island have been providers of effective and unforgettable corporate packages and we've an excellent track record with our clients, enabling us to deliver quality, reliability, exclusivity and value for money. All our corporate packages are made to provide our clients with unforgettable experiences.



    We at Adventure Island understand that a happy worker makes a happy company. Hence we believe that a Family Day is an ideal way of bringing your workforce along with their respective family together and rewarding them with a day full of fun, adventure and entertainment. Appreciate your workforce and their families for all the support they have given to you by giving them a memorable day that they would cherish for the rest of their lives.



    Corporate events are one way to give exposure to your entity by attracting investors and buyers.

    It makes you stand out from rest, giving a high return on investment. Heighten the enthusiasm in employees & clients by creating an event like never before.

    Adventure Island provides you with welcoming venues & logistic support to create various corporate events for your organization at minimum budget.



    Coming together is beginning, keeping together is progress & working together is success"- Henry Ford

    Every employee is an asset of the organization & success is directly proportional to the hard work they put in. A unified team is the backbone of a strong company as team work divides the tasks and doubles the success. Adventure Island helps in providing a platform where a dedicated team with expertise provides a plethora of activities helping them to work together as a team in various skill building activities.



    Developing a high-quality relationship and providing an effective medium to communicate your company's values. Building such relations with your client is the top-most priority of any organization. Our professional and personal approach reflects this understanding by helping you in organizing events like dealers' day outs, sales meet that matches your goals & objectives by felicitating your clients, helping in building long term relations.

    With additional facilities: (as per requirement)

    F&B arrangements inside the park.
    Music & sound arrangements
    Private venues
    "Stay Inns" facilities
    Magic Shows
    The 'FUN' team (skill building activities)

    We endeavor make your visit an unforgettable one, offering thrilling rides, lush- green lawns, a picturesque lake, welcoming venues and interactive activities that are aimed at enhancing their skills.

    "To Get the Best, Give the Best"

    We strongly believe, in creating an aura where the employees are motivated to bond together as a team, get rejuvenated and face the challenges with a "Yes, I Can Do" attitude.

    "Experiencing Is Believing"

    For further details and booking please


    Corporate booking

    Ashish Kapoor / Abhisek / Babita
    8800672666 / 8700668478 / 9717825958 / /
    Call between: 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM.
  • Birthday

    Celebration of birthdays and other annual occasions are supposed to be celebrated with much pomp and show. We at Adventure Island understand the importance of birthdays and other such occasions and do our utmost to ensure that these occasions get etched into your memories for a lifetime.

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    We shall organize everything from cakes to candles, to birthday caps, balloons to birthday return gifts for the special invitees along with the buffet Lunch/Snacks/Dinner as per your specification. These will be at the most reasonable of prices and will include a special gift for the birthday boy or girl so as to make the occasion even more memorable

    To make the party more adventurous and thrilling we have other arrangements available at your request:

    Magic show
    Puppet show
    Toon characters
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    We Also Organise

    Kitty parties
    Family Get together
    Marriage ceremonies
    Farewell party
    Fresher's Party

    "Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions."

    So it is time for you to act, plan and create memories


    For further details and booking please

    Birthday booking

    Ashish Kapoor / Abhisek / Babita
    8800672666 / 8700668478 / 9717825958 / /
    Call between: 10:00 AM to 06:30 PM.