At AIL (Adventure Island Ltd), we recognize that Human Resources are the most vital ingredients that go into the success of any organization. This is more so when the company is experiencing rapid growth and expansion. We have always been striving to induct and retain talented people who are professionally competent in the fields of Sales & Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Architecture, operations, Human Resources etc. 
At AIL (Adventure Island Ltd), the opportunities for empowerment are ample. When an employee comes on- board, an induction programme spread over various locations and continuous investments in training & development ensure that skills of employees are upgraded in line with both market and individual needs. The HR has an active competency mapping and performance linked compensation policy that keeps the employees motivated in pursuit of growth.
The Company continues to give prime attention to its human resources. They include:

Improvement of "on the job" skills of the employees.

  • Enhancing their knowledge and placing emphasis on encouragement of talent.
  • Inculcating the spirit of innovativeness so as to improve their growth and quality of their work.
  • Empowering and motivating them and thereby raising their productivity by delegating authorities and responsibilities in respect of most of the day to day operating decisions.
  • Encouraging participative management style so that the objectives of your Company are effectively met and achieved.
  • Advancement of its employees through promotion/ elevation in the hierarchy.
  • Establishing system of evaluation of employees, their performance, need for training and consequent rewards by way of increased salaries and perquisites, in tune with the market trends.
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