Legal Compilance

Sr. No. Particulars Description PDF Attachment
1 Name and Address of the P.E. Adventure Island limited - Sector 10, Rohini, 110085  
2 Website address  
3 Name and address of the Proprietor/ Director/ Partners Mr. Narendra Singh Rao(General Manager)  
4 Phone/ Mobile Number and E-mail I.D. of establishment/ person incharge of contract work 011-47041111,  
5 Name and address of the place/ site where the contract workers are to be employed Within the premises of Adventure Island-Metro Walk,Sector-10, Rohini-110085.  
6 Phone/ Mobile Number and E-mail ID of person incharge of the site 011-47041111,  
7 Copy of Power of Attorney/ Board resolution authorizing to act as P.E.  
8 Copy of MOA/ AOA/ Partnership Deed/ Proprietor’s I.D. Proof  
9 Nature of Work for which contract workers are to be engaged/employed Santitation,Maintenance & Security of Metro Walk & Amusement Park.  
10 Form "V" issued by P. E. to each contractor – Rule 21(2)  

11 Notice of commencement/ completion of contract work- Rule 81 (3)   *
12 Application in Form I – Rule 17 (1)   *
13 Agreement with each contractor alongwith rate & no. of workers for which contract has been given  

14 Letter of extension of contract period issued to contractors, in case of renewal of license   *
15 Affidavit by P.E. regarding compliance of Rule 25 (2) (V) and that wages to contract workers are being paid through Account Payee Cheque/ ECS.  
16 Name and designation of the person authorized under Rule ______  
17 Challan of Registration Fees (G.A.R.-7)   *
18 Registration Certificate No. under CLRA Act, 1970  
19 Registration Number/ Certificate under the Companies Act, 1956  

20 Registration Number/ Certificate under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act, 1954/ Factories Act, 1948   *
21 Copy of application for amendment   *
22 Annual Return- Rule 82 (2)   *
23 Details of contractor